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One of my favorite things about living in Seattle is that sanctuaries of beauty and quiet are tucked away in the heart of the city, the greenery a salve for the daily eyesores of urban life. As a Southern Californian girl, I’m still always struck by the amount of life blooming around me as I walk down the street in Seattle, especially now that it’s spring.



I mean, it’s still cold as hell. And raining.

But I can wear lighter coats now, as opposed to my winter uniform of heavy parka, down jacket, sweater, and long sleeve tee all layered on top of me like I’m a cold, sad onion. I had been waiting forever to show this coat, bought at Crossroads way back in December, some love. And I can wear a skirt and tights instead of the same two pairs of jeans I had on rotation for three months!



Let me know what you’re excited about now that spring is rolling around—whether it’s flowers, spring trends, warmth, or something else. As for me, I’m finally getting what all the fuss is about (counting this as my first spring since seasons don’t exist in SoCal). I feel renewed and inspired, like I just woke up from a long, dreary slumber. Goodbye, winter!

Outfit details:

Coat: Crossroads
Sweater: American Apparel (was cheap!!! because of their closing down sale…but I shrank it in the wash so now it is a *crop sweater*…rollin’ with it)
Denim skirt: Pacsun
Tights: Ann Taylor Loft
Rain boots: Sam Edelman (tbh I wear these almost every day since they are the perfect slip-on, comfy, and waterproof shoes for Seattle’s relentless precipitation)
Backpack: Goodwill



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