shore enough


Now that summer has finally arrived in Seattle, I’ll be spending every possible second seaside! Seattle’s gloomy skies haven’t completely evaporated with the rest of the country’s heat wave, but I think the seaside feels a little dreamier, a little more wistful and poetic, with grey, cloud-blanketed skies.



For days or nights with a little residual chill to the air (or just for some extra coverage), layer a breezy tank over a high-neck top or tee of a contrasting color. This elevates a simple summer top with a cool color-block effect.

An easy trick to turn your shirt into a crop top is to knot it! The knotted tank shows off the top underneath, playing up the layered look. I topped it off with delicate, layered gold necklaces and my new favorite statement earrings.


Lastly, I threw on my newly thrifted black high-waisted flare jeans for a retro vibe and my baby blue Tevas for walking comfort and color coordination. If I could dress head to toe in periwinkle, I would.



Do you have any summer adventures planned? What summer styles are you excited to wear? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit details:

Blue high-neck top: thrifted
White v-neck tank: Crossroads (consignment)
Black high-waisted flare jeans: thrifted
Sandals: Tevas
Jewelry: Anarchy Street and Etsy
Backpack: thrifted


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