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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means—the onslaught of Black Friday and after-Thanksgiving sales vying for your attention and money.

While I can’t begrudge anyone for the sheer determination and willpower it takes to wait in line in the cold for hours, right after chowing down a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, to fight other shoppers for flat-screen TVs, the mass consumerism of Black Friday and the holiday season is…pretty much the antithesis of what this blog is all about.

However, there is a way to shop more consciously next weekend!

Shop for Good Sunday is a day for supporting businesses that do good through sustainable and ethical practices and giving back.

Obviously, it’s awesome to support these businesses all year round, but on November 26, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, many participating brands will offer discounts and donate profits to awesome organizations that are changing our world for the better.

And since we spend the most during the holiday season, why not harness that spending power for good?

It’s easy to participate! All you need to do is sign up on the Shop for Good Sunday site. You’ll receive promotions and discounts from participating brands. You can also browse their participating brands to find cool businesses doing good.

Shop for Good Sunday is organized by an awesome startup called DoneGood, which developed a Google Chrome extension that helps you find sustainable and ethical brands, year-round! Sign up here to learn about new brands doing good and to receive exclusive discounts.

For more great sustainable and ethical fashion brands, you can also check out my Eco & Ethical Brand Directory! It’s a list of my favorite sustainable and ethical brands and retailers that I’ll continually update as I discover more brands doing good.

Let me know what your Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving plans are in the comments below, whether it involves shopping or not (mine most likely include sleeping in, tbh)!

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