Cat-to-cat chat with my cat Kiwi

Last fall, one of my childhood dreams finally came true: I am now the proud, sleep-deprived guardian of a cat! Pretty sure this is my destiny, after the lifetime of cheesy jokes people have made about my name (Cat = cat, haha, so funny).

Anyway, Kiwi has been sort of annoyed that I’ve been spending time on this blog instead of constantly showering him with adoration, toys, and treats, so I thought I’d feature him here to gratify his desperate need for attention.

Psst, there’s an exciting announcement at the end! After the gratuitous kitty pictures.


Cat (me): Thanks for being here, Kiwi! We adopted you from a shelter, and before that you were a feral kitten. How did your background affect your perspective on life and your style choices?

Kiwi (cat): Meow meow meow, meow. Mrow.
Translation: People have told me to just be grateful for what I have now, since I had a rough start in life. But just because my life is better now than before doesn’t mean I don’t still have ambition. For example, even though I am very grateful for the expensive, grain-free food you feed me, I know you’re feeding yourself better stuff. Like that sushi the other day? I aspire to eat that, and will sniff your plate aggressively until the ONE DAY you cave and feed me the good stuff. As for my style, it’s a mixture of streetwear and sleepwear, reflecting my modern housecat lifestyle.

C: What spring trend are you excited to rock in 2017?

K: Meow! mrow mrrrrrow meowwww mew.
Translation: I’ve always loved stripes – so versatile! And you can’t go wrong with fur. If you don’t have a beautiful, natural fur coat like me, you can always go faux.


C: How do you practice sustainable fashion?

K: Meowwwwwwwwwwww.
Translation: Well, the most sustainable option is to just never wear clothes. I am pretty good at that.

C: What advice would you give to someone trying to find their style?

K: Mmmmm…. mrow mrow mrow. Meeeeeowwwww! Meow meow!
Translation: The most important thing is to be true to yourself and to trust your intuition. I mean, one time you forced me to wear this lion costume, and it was just not me.

C: Oh yeah. Sorry about that.

K: Meow.
Translation: It’s okay. I’ll never forgive you, but that’s fine.


You can follow Kiwi on Instagram (@thekiwiouskitty) for more killer looks, including the aforementioned lion costume (I mean, I think it’s cute).

.   .   .


If you want to hear from more stylish folks like Kiwi, good news: I’m starting a Q&A series! I came up with DREAMCHASERS after seeing how so many of you related to my fears and self-doubts about starting my blog, and how simply doing something about making my dreams come true inspired others.

DREAMCHASERS will feature creatives and artists who are pursuing their dreams. We’ll talk about their inspirations and aspirations, and what pushed them from dreaming to doing. My hope is that these snapshots of awesome people chasing their dreams will inspire all of you, my readers, to chase yours.

If you’re a creative, artist, and/or fashionista, and would like to hang out with me and get featured on this blog, shoot me a message. I would especially love to hear from women of color and trans and non-binary people of color, who are underrepresented in the creative industries.


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