Jewel Posse: Ethical jewelry for boss babes

Jewel Posse: Ethical jewelry for boss babes

You know that piece of jewelry that makes you feel not only beautiful, but also powerful?

With minimal yet bold designs and gorgeous natural materials like concrete and marble, all of the jewelry from Jewel Posse captures that #bossbabe feeling.

Of course, all the pieces are made sustainably and ethically. Plus, Jewel Posse is a woman and Black-owned shop!

About Jewel Posse

Jewel Posse is a sustainable and ethical handmade jewelry store run by artisan and entrepreneur Nikki Bracy. With versatile pieces made of beautiful, high-quality natural materials, Jewel Posse aims to empower women to feel confident in any setting.

Jewel Posse: Ethical jewelry for boss babes

Nikki’s story

Nikki has been making jewelry since she was nine years old, when her mom introduced her to making bead jewelry during her second pediatric cancer diagnosis. Eventually, as she honed her skills making jewelry for family and friends, this hobby transformed into her own business, Jewel Posse.

“I’ve been evolving my skills over the years, working with different materials from metal to fabric. But it’s been my work with natural materials that has excited me the most.

This year I launched both my concrete collection and my marble collection. I hand mix the concrete, cast it in molds, decorate and assemble it all myself. Then I moved into marble because I am OBSESSED with marble. It’s gorgeous, luxurious and every time I have something made of marble, it makes me feel like a million bucks,” Nikki says.

Jewel Posse: Ethical jewelry for boss babes

As a small business owner and independent artisan, Nikki is deeply passionate about slow fashion and changing the industry for the better.

“I’ve been passionate about fair labor practices since my freshman year in college, when I joined a student-run organization dedicated to ending sweatshops. I’ve participated in sit-ins and boycotts, I’ve helped organize and promote protests against big box retailers and I will literally talk anyone’s ear off about the never ending ethical and moral issues with Walmart.

I don’t see a lot of options for ethically-made, sustainable jewelry that is fashion-forward but also appropriate for young, working women and that’s where Jewel Posse comes in,” says Nikki.

dreaming of a world where WOC-owned small businesses thrive!

Side note: Why I support indie artisans & WOC-owned businesses

What I love about buying from independent artisans and small businesses is that your money goes directly towards supporting someone’s passions and dreams. When an item is handmade with love and skill, it brings me so much more joy than items manufactured by a machine or by underpaid and exploited workers.

It’s so important to support WOC business owners because our money goes towards empowering communities that have been oppressed and exploited. After all, the communities that suffer the most from the harmful practices of fast fashion are poor people of color, and most garment workers are women of color.

I like to think of my purchases as a vote for the world I’d like to see, and that world includes women of color like Nikki pursuing their dreams and successfully running their own sustainable and ethical businesses!

Jewel Posse: Ethical jewelry for boss babes

These earrings tho

Nikki generously sent me a pair of the Beton Studs in copper, which are made of concrete with a gorgeous metallic rose gold detailing.

I styled them with a pink velvet slip dress layered over a black and white striped turtleneck—something I’d wear on a winter date night. I’d also wear these earrings in professional settings when I want a subtle shine.

I really don’t think I’ve seen earrings like these before, so they’re sure to stand out. At $25, they’re also affordable. They’d make a great gift, too!

Jewel Posse: Ethical jewelry for boss babes

Check out some of my other favorite pieces from Jewel Posse:

Use code ‘COOKIECAT’ to get 15% off your purchase through 12/16! 

Are there any small, WOC-run businesses that you love? Please share!

Outfit details (contains affiliate links):

Turtleneck: similar
Velvet slip dress: similar
Earrings: Jewel Posse Beton Studs in copper

Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Jewel Posse. I received a fee and was gifted products in exchange for my creative work (styling, photography and writing) and an honest review. No amount of money or product is worth more than my relationship with you, and I strive to provide transparent and honest content. 

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