Is Reformation worth it? / My Ref collection & sizing review

Reformation sizing review

Time to ‘fess up. I’m addicted to Reformation.

For the longest time, I determinedly held firm against their “cool girl” marketing and ridiculously adorable styles, appalled that just one dress could cost over $200. No way was I going to give in and splurge my nonprofit wages on these floral print wallet-temptresses, no matter how cute!

Fast forward several months and I’ve amassed quite the Ref collection (honestly, facilitated by my rise in economic status from nonprofit and minimum wage jobs to a cushy tech job).

And I have to admit, I’ve totally fallen for their vintage-meets-off-duty-supermodel aesthetic and their commitment to sustainability. I mean, it’s pretty rare that a company publishes quarterly reports on their progress against their yearly sustainability and ethics goals. I get the feeling that sustainability is truly core to the brand, not just a marketing ploy.

But the question you may be asking, dear reader, is probably something like, “Is it worth spending so much money???”

That’s up to you to decide, but I’ve found their clothes to be of good quality and their customer service to be lightning-fast in their responsiveness. The clothes also retain much of their resale value even after you wear them, as evidenced by the abundance of secondhand Reformation listings on resale apps such as Postmark and Depop.

And…well, every time I wear something from Ref, my boyfriend lets me know he likes it. A lot. You get the idea.

Reformation sizing review

Tips for shopping Reformation:

  1. Watch out for their sales! They have 3 sales per year: end of summer (usually the 2nd week of August), Black Friday, and after the holidays. The end of summer sale is happening RIGHT NOW! Shop here.
  2. Act quickly if you’re in love with something, because pieces sell out in a blink.
  3. If you aren’t buying a final sale item, they have free returns so you can order multiple sizes and keep the one that fits.
  4. Shop for secondhand pieces on Poshmark and Depop. If you miss your return window or buy a final sale item that doesn’t fit, you can likely get some money back by selling on these apps.

Reformation sizing review

I find that Reformation runs true to size for me. The sizing chart is usually spot on.

Even the jeans run true to size, despite all the conflicting info I’ve read on the internet about how they run small or large. If anything, their bottoms are a teensy bit loose around the waist for me (but not enough to make me size down, cause I appreciate a forgiving waistband after a large meal).

As for their petites sizing, I have only one dress in a petite size and it’s scandalously short. I’m 5’2 so I wouldn’t recommend their petites dresses for anyone taller than me, but I’ve yet to try their petites jeans and pants.

Watch my YouTube video to see my entire Ref collection, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Shop Reformation’s summer sale here.

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Last but not least…some of my favorite Reformation looks for styling inspo!






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Reformation Try-On Haul & Sizing Review

5 thoughts on “Is Reformation worth it? / My Ref collection & sizing review”

  • I’m so happy to have read your Reformation review! I haven’t pulled the trigger to buy anything there yet (I work in retail), but have been thinking about buying some last-minute vacation clothes online. Thanks for your insight 🙂

  • I’m a 5 ft 2””, 30B bust size, 25” waist and 35” at hips. I’m considering to get something from their bridal range for my engagement shoot but just really worried that the dresses might be too big for me but the petite range doesn’t carry much bridal option.

    I’m considering Rosey Dress and Milan Dress. Just wondering if you might be able to give any advice as to whether these might fit me?

    • Hi Doreen! I don’t have those dresses but we seem to have similar measurements and a size 2 in Ref usually fits me great! You may have to get the longer dresses tailored (which shouldn’t cost too much), or try buying 2 sizes and returning what doesn’t work for you.

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