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Girlfriend Collective

If you haven’t heard of Girlfriend Collective, they were the brand blowing up the internet last year with their scammy-sounding “free leggings” (you just had to pay $20 for shipping from Vietnam and wait like 4 months lol). HOWEVER, they are not a scam, and actually make high-quality athletic wear from recycled water bottles in responsible factories. They’re launching their full line this summer with their internet-famous leggings and new sports bras in drool-worthy colors.

This post was originally published on 7/16/17. It has been updated.

Looking for a review of their LITE leggings? Go here.

I won a sports bra and leggings set from Girlfriend Collective during their Instagram giveaway last month. This is also great news for you, my readers, because I’m reviewing them right here on this blog so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to spend your hard-earned $$ on their newly launched (unfortunately not free) collection (and if you do, you can get $10 off your first purchase!).

Girlfriend’s newly re-designed website extensively details their ethics and sustainability, which is really cool because transparency is key when it comes to bridging that gap between us, the consumers, and the workers creating our clothes. I’m so happy to see that they’ve deepened their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices by making these practices more transparent to consumers!

Okay, on to the review:

I received a set of the Paloma sports bra and matching leggings in the color Midnight.

material: The fabric for both items, a thick polyester material made from recycled water bottles, is heavenly soft, supportive, and comfortable. Unfortunately, I find the material too thick for high intensity workouts or very hot days—but both are far and few in between for this mostly sedentary girl living in the Pacific Northwest. I think the set would be a perfect outfit for a hike on a cloudy day or a low intensity workout; I wore this to yoga class and it was the perfect outfit for the job.

Girlfriend Collective Paloma sports bra

Paloma sports bra: 

The bra is simply two layers of the magical recycled water bottle fabric stitched together with an elastic band sewn on the inside bottom hem. I love this minimal, clean design. It has a scoop neck, racerback design, and is a few inches longer than a traditional sports bra.

If you hate wearing bras, but need some support, this bra/top is a holy grail item. I know it’s a “sports bra” but I am going to wear this for all activities, whether they’re sports-related or not. I can definitely see myself stocking up in their tops for easy, comfy outfits…I’m already eyeing their Topanga bras, which have a high-neck halter fit.

And of course, you’re probably wondering if it performs the most important function of a sports bra: support! As a C cup, I’ve had issues in the past with finding supportive sports bras, but this is supportive enough for medium intensity activities like jogging and maybe even high intensity activities (not that I do any…ha, ha). It’s also full coverage for me, so I think this could be a great option if you have trouble finding cute full coverage sports bras.

Also, FYI: If you’re cold, your nips will show. Even though it’s double-layered and very opaque, it’s not padded.

Sports bras are $38. While you can find great sports bras for cheaper, I think that the material will retain its elasticity pretty well and stay supportive for a long time. It’s a worthy investment if you crave support, coverage, and convenience (no need to wear a shirt with this sports bra!).

sizing: I am a 34C and usually a size S in sports bras, but I got a size S and the bottom elastic hem is way too loose for me so it fits more like a top than a sports bra. However, the boob area fit fine and it’s still supportive. It’s also long enough that I can just tuck the elastic hem up and under to make it more fitted/cropped. I’d recommend sizing down.

Girlfriend Collective leggings


I was already a huge fan of their leggings from their free leggings promo (read my previous review) and these new ones did not disappoint. I got a pair of high-rise, 3/4 length leggings. These leggings pretty much do everything you need leggings to do: They’re stretchy yet opaque and super soft yet supportive. And most importantly, they make your booty look great.

Leggings start at $58 and come in mid- or high-rise and 3/4 or full length options. I think they are 100% worth the price, considering that they’re amazing quality and made sustainably and ethically! An investment in a pair of these babies is sure to see you through hundreds of yoga classes…or lazy days when you can’t be bothered to put on anything less comfy! The only caveat I have is that these leggings aren’t the best for high impact activities where you need more breathable material.

sizing: I’m 5’2 and they are the perfect ankle length. The full length is actually way too long for me, so I’d recommend getting the 3/4 length if you’re on the shorter side. I am a size 2/waist size 26 and got a size S, which fits well. I think the leggings run true to size.

Girlfriend Collective Midnight

Update (8/31/18): Checking in here, over a year later…and I still wear this set to yoga once or twice a week. It’s holding up strong! The fabric is still soft and smooth, although the insides get a little linty after many spin cycles in the washing machine (inside-out, of course). I air dry for the best results, but sometimes I’ve accidentally stuck the set in the dryer on low and there’s no shrinkage. Since originally writing this post, I’ve also bought two more sets that I absolutely love. So my verdict? 100% worth the money.

Okay, can I get these things on my body already???

Yes!!! Go buy them here and snag $10 off your first purchase!

note: When I received my leggings, they had a sticker on the inside of the waistband that somehow didn’t get removed before the leggings were sewn. It’s not a huge deal except that at certain angles you can see the outline in the waistband and it’ll probably get crumply and more lumpy when I wash the leggings. I DM’ed Girlfriend about the leggings on Instagram and they were so nice and offered to send me another pair. Thumps up for customer service!

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Outfit details:

top & bottom: Girlfriend Collective | discount: $10 off your first purchase
earrings: Nisolo soft diamond hoops
sandals: Nisolo Isla slides in Latte (reviewuse this link for $25 off)

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