(flower) power suit


Holy shit, my first real winter (LA winters do not count) was a rough one—making the coming of spring that much sweeter. Spring in Seattle has brought CHERRY BLOSSOMS, WARMTH, and my SOUL back to life.



And yet, the sudden bloom of color across the city hasn’t stoked the usual springtime yearnings to wear pastels and florals, probably because the sky is still crying nonstop. I tried really hard to come up with a springtime-appropriate outfit and the most I could do was break up my black on blank ensemble by throwing in a floral print—on a black blouse. Yeah, colorful is my middle name.


I had an intense, unprecedented urge to wear trousers, probably because the shabby chic aesthetic of Seattle has worn down my outfit rotation to different variations of sweater-and-jeans combos. These thrifted suit pants had just been sitting in my closet since I moved here, so in keeping with the springtime theme of breathing life back into long-dead things (like my soul), I busted them out to get some sunlight.



Wearing this outfit in a city of clogs and down jackets made me feel really weird. Like I was going somewhere super important, not just to pose next to a random cherry blossom tree.

If I had a power suit, this would be it. My flower power suit.

Outfit details:

Blouse: thrifted
Trousers: thrifted
Blazer coat: bought 4 years ago from Zara (ugh, Zara—a place of sinfully tempting cute clothes at a steep ethical cost)
Mules: Boohoo
Earrings: gift from bby

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