Eco & ethical fall finds under $100

Autumn is in the air…or in Seattle’s case, rain is in the air. Seattle’s two glorious months of sunny skies has given way to the gloom and rain of the next nine months. Ugh.

But the weird thing is…I actually like it! I know, this coming from the SoCal girl who spent all of last year bemoaning Seattle’s lack of sunlight and abundance of damp sidewalks (it’s terrible if you want to wear any cute shoes, ever). I’m pretty sure that my enthusiasm for autumn will wane with the daylight and the return of 4:30pm sunsets, but until then, I’ll be sipping hot tea in cozy sweaters, smugly petting my cats (life update: I have two cats now) as I finally have a real excuse to not go outside and socialize.

In celebration of my newfound appreciation of fall, I’ve curated the following sustainable and ethical fall fashion essentials to help you beat the oncoming frump of the colder months. The best part? They’re all under $100!

Shop my sustainable and ethical fall fashion finds under $100:

Tops & Sweaters:

The Cropped Crew / Slumlove / $79

This is a super cool brand! All products are ethically and sustainably made in Kenya and benefit high school scholarships for children living in one of the world’s largest slums. I love the color (I’m gravitating towards rich warm tones this fall) and easy shape of this sweater.


everlane square mockneck tee

The Square Mockneck Tee / Everlane / $25-$28

I bought 2 of these and am contemplating getting more colors, because they’re just so essential for fall. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the mockneck silhouette, because it’s so flattering and you can snuggle into your little mockneck and be all cozy without the commitment and slight choking feeling of an actual turtleneck. See how I styled them!


vetta capsule bell sleeve blouse

The Bell Sleeve Blouse / Vetta Capsule / $64 (on sale)

Dark florals are in for fall, and it’s also a classic moody print that takes you from the office to happy hour with zero effort. This blouse can be worn multiple ways, solving that “I want to wear this again but I just wore it a few days ago” dilemma! And bell sleeves. BELL SLEEVES.


everlane luxe wool

The Luxe Wool Crop Mockneck / Everlane / $68

One of the best things about fall and winter is being able to wear cozy sweaters and splurge on soft sweaters! Wool is so, so warm and durable if treated well. And yes, it’s another mockneck sweater. I have a type. (There’s also a cotton version for $50 and a cashmere version for $100.)


Pants & Jeans:

everlane wide leg crop pant

The Wide Leg Crop Pant / Everlane / $68

I WANT THESE PANTS SO BADLY, but all the reviews I’ve read say they’re great if you’re on the taller side but not well-proportioned if you’re under 5’4. The tragedy! But for my taller readers, you can’t beat this classic shape in an autumn-ready color.


girlfriend collective leggings

Leggings / Girlfriend Collective / $58-$68

Will I ever shut up about these leggings? Nope. These leggings are made from a soft, thick recycled polyester, which I actually find pretty warm in the fall! They’re so cozy that I wear them to sleep, then wake up and wear them to work…lol. I’ve linked to my favorite color, but there are tons of beautiful shades to choose from. If you buy anything in the shade Dusty Rose in the month of October, they’re donating profits to breast cancer research! See my reviews of Girlfriend Collective here and here, and get $10% off!

Plus, get 10% off with code ‘cat’!


vetta capsule bell sleeve dress

The Bell Sleeve Dress / Vetta Capsule / $89 (on sale)

BELL SLEEVES!! I love the wine color, a timeless fall-appropriate hue. This dress, like everything else by Vetta Capsule, can be worn multiple ways! Throw it on with a pair of tights and your favorite cardigan or coat for an easy yet put-together (and eco-friendly) look.



everlane bomber jacket

The Bomber Jacket / Everlane / $80

The bomber jacket is a classic style that isn’t going anywhere. It’s a great transitional piece that I love for both fall and spring, so it’s a jacket you’ll wear all year round. See how I style bombers!

Of course, I also have to give a plug for my favorite place to shop, no matter the season: the local thrift shop! The thrift shop is the perfect place to score vintage sweaters, coats, and even high quality cashmere in excellent condition (I have found all of these and more in my local thrift stores).

What’s your favorite season to shop for? Let me know in the comments.

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