Doing It: an exercise in squashing self-doubt



I’m doing it!

I’m taking the leap, squashing my self-doubt into a tight little ball in the pit of my stomach, and sending myself *digitally* out into the world.

I first discovered fashion blogs through my obsession with the DIY fashion movement (which also led me to discover knitting, crocheting, and all sorts of wonderful, hobbies involving needles – the wholesome kind) as an 11-year-old. Like most kids going through the hell on earth we call middle school, I really wanted to have nice clothes and not be picked on by my Abercrombie-clad peers. But…my mom was not down to drop $50 a pop on Hollister tees (good call, Mom). This desire, hindered by my lack of funds, fueled my hobbies of greedily hoarding my mom’s and aunts’ vintage clothes, prolific knitting, and attempting all sorts of DIY projects that looked cooler online but really just resulted in me destroying my dad’s forgotten t-shirts.

Long story short, I’ve wanted a fashion & DIY blog for as long as I can remember.

Why did I wait so freakin’ long?

Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen myself as “cool” enough, or “fashionable” enough, or “pretty” enough.

I was relentlessly doubtful of myself. I still am.

But ugh! I’m tired of self-doubting myself into inaction. I want to write and create and build and share what I love with the world. So I’m doing it.

Maybe 11 years too late. But I’m doing it.

I hope you’ll follow along! In return, I promise to deliver good content on the regular, including:

  • looks served with a side of unprofessional fashion commentary
  • DIY projects and tutorials
  • my efforts to reconcile my love of fashion with my values and ethics (lol fun)
  • the best nuggets of knowledge I can give, based on life experience and prolific Google searches
  • and more! This blog is also my attempt to write consistently, and to write better, so I’ll always be trying to create better content.


.   .   .

P.S. Did you think I forgot the outfit details? I almost did, but then I remembered that this is supposed to be a fashion blog, not my diary.

I’ve been loving the resurgence of embroidered denim, so of course I stitched a rose right on my butt. And, apparently nerd glasses are now trendy (any other people who got made fun of for wearing glasses as kids a little – or very – salty about this?) so my visual impairment has become a cute accessory, yay. I also bought this jacket against the advice of my friend with whom I was shopping and have zero regrets, because it makes me feel 50% glam and 50% 80’s dad. Oh, and wearing lingerie in public is acceptable now according to Instagram, so I’ve been scrounging the lingerie section at Goodwill and coming up with some great finds, like this half mesh top that doesn’t require a bra – always a plus!  This is probably a terrible outfit description, but I promise I’ll get better. Until next time!

Outfit details:

Faux suede jacket: Crossroads (consignment)
Lingerie top: Goodwill
Mom jeans: Savers (thrifted), DIY raw hem & rose embroidery (lmk if u want a post on how I did that)
Rain boots: Sam Edelman
Glasses: Warby Parker
Backpack: Goodwill

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