Confessions of an outfit repeater (ft. my fall uniform)

A concept I’ve been wrapping my head around in regards to slow fashion is the “uniform”: an outfit that you wear again and again, because getting more wear out of fewer clothes is the sustainable way to go…and why wear a cute outfit only once?!

We’ve been socialized to believe that outfit repeating isn’t fashionable and that we constantly need to buy new clothes to be trendy and stylish. The reality is that the earth is suffering because of our addiction to buying new clothes, and that regular people (i.e. not celebrities or the ultra-rich) can’t afford to not repeat outfits because that’s ridiculously impractical and wasteful.

So what’s wrong with being an outfit repeater, anyway?

If I like my outfit, it makes me feel good, and I spent good, hard-earned money on my clothes, why shouldn’t I derive joy from wearing the same wonderful clothes over and over again?

The answer is, there’s nothing wrong or unstylish about repeating outfits! And when I invest in high-quality clothing that I love wearing, outfit-repeating just makes perfect sense.

A uniform isn’t something that I’d wear every single day (because that would actually get kind of impractical, too), but an outfit I would wear pretty often—a look that encapsulates my everyday style that I can just throw on without thinking about, but still feel good in.

I know that this blog and my Instagram makes it look like I’m always put together with a cute, creative outfit and makeup done, but most of the time, I’m wearing the same old outfits every week at work feeling like a potato with adult acne and inexplicably greasy yet dry skin. Most of the time, I don’t have the psychic energy to think about looking cute!

That’s where the uniform comes in. Don’t think, just wear—but I can rest assured that I’ll look and feel good all day.

That’s my case for a uniform, and I’ll be rocking my fall uniform(s) all season long!

An anatomy of my fall uniform(s):

In preparation for fall, I scooped up these two mock neck long-sleeve tops from Everlane. They’re thin enough for layering and versatile enough to wear with everything, yet make me feel a little more put together because the shape is so crisp and minimal. And I’ll never get over mock neck tops; they’re like the cheeky little sister of the turtleneck.

Plus, I’m in love with the pale rose color. I’ve already been wearing these tops for the past few days since I got them in the mail and I can tell I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of them.

Now that there’s a bit of chill in the air, it’s the perfect time to slip on my favorite jean silhouette: the mom jean! I found the PERFECT mom jeans from Weekday, made from organic cotton. The waist nips in nicely but not too tightly, and the legs flare out just enough to give me that wide-leg look without drowning my short legs in fabric.

I loved the fit of these jeans so much that I got both the classic denim wash and the bright red. I’m trying to be more adventurous with colors and red is a classic statement color that gives any look an instant punch of glamour and edge.

I love how remixing the colors of my tops and bottoms together give me four possible fun looks!

Outfit details:

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Tops: Everlane (free shipping when you sign up) | black, pink
Mom jeans: Weekday | red, blue, similar in black, similar in blue
Shoes: sandals – Nisolo (review; get $25 off your first purchase); sneakers – Allbirds (review)
Earrings: Nisolo soft diamond hoops

Do you have a uniform? Let me know if you’re a #ProudOutfitRepeater in the comments!


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