BURY ME IN THESE LEGGINGS / girlfriend collective review

I have already raved about these leggings to everyone in my life, but I just need to sit down and write about my deep, undying love for Girlfriend Collective‘s leggings.

Yup, the leggings that everyone thought were fake, because Girlfriend had been sending them to people for FREE (with $20 shipping from Vietnam, which took months – and sadly, this promotion is now over but you can now get $10% off your first order).

I had my reservations, but I was honestly won over by their clean, beautiful marketing campaign that promised leggings as supportive and reliable as your best girlfriends, and of course, their commitment to ethical manufacturing, environmental sustainability, and transparency as a “slow fashion” company.

And so I ordered and I waited. After 2 freakin’ months, I finally got my leggings and rushed to try them on, anxious that they wouldn’t fit or that they would fail my expectations of the company I had already sort of fallen in love with.

But omg! They are softer than recycled water bottles ought to ever be (yes, they are made of recycled water bottles, wtf), and they somehow – through some sort of ethically-made, stretchy yet supportive WITCHCRAFT – give me that post-gym butt perkiness without needing to do a bunch of squats…or anything at all!

I’ve worn them to work, to buy groceries, to yoga class, to barre class, to brunch, to dinner, and to sit around my house watching Netflix. Following their directions to machine wash cold and hang dry, I’ve found that my leggings are maybe a little less tight but have mostly retained their elasticity and softness. For reference, I usually wear a size XS-S, am a 26-inch waist, and ordered a S. It fits perfectly.

Girlfriend is launching their full line this spring. According to their Instagram, which I may or may not religiously stalk, this will include cute high-neck crop tops that are !!!secretly!!! sports bras. The people at Girlfriend seem to have evaluated my life, pinpointed the needs I didn’t know I had, and delivered solutions wrapped in peachy-pink dreams of an ethical and sustainable slow-fashion movement.

Anyway, if I haven’t convinced you to check out their collection when it launches, you can read about their ethics and sustainability on their website, or stalk their Insta feed for that future-is-female utopia aesthetic.

If you’ve tried their leggings, let me know what you think! I’d also love to know about other slow-fashion brands that you’ve tried and loved.

Outfit details:

Baseball cap: Scripps College (my alma mater) gift store
Sports bra: Forever 21 (bought 3 years ago in a time of greater financial & moral weakness!!)
Hoodie: no idea, has been passed down thru the family
Leggings: where do u think
Sneakers: Nike Air Max Thea

Update (discount): You can now get $10 off your first purchase at Girlfriend Collective!




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