Better than Birchbox? / October Petit Vour Cruelty-Free Beauty Box review

Better than Birchbox? / October Petit Vour Cruelty-Free Beauty Box review

I am a sucker for subscription boxes! I love getting little packages in the mail each month, filled with fun surprises. I mean, who doesn’t?

I’ve tried Birchbox in the past, but that experience was definitely a case of “better in theory than in practice.” I ended up with a bunch of sample-sized products that I never used up, mostly because the products didn’t fit my skin or needs. Worse, I couldn’t filter out brands that were cruelty-free or non-toxic, which became a deal breaker.

When I heard about Petit Vour’s cruelty-free beauty box, and that the products were also non-toxic and vegan, I thought it was too good to be true! Spoiler alert: It’s the real deal, and I think it’s way better than Birchbox.

It’s $15-$18 a month for US subscribers and you get $45-$60 worth of full- and sample-sized products each month. You set up a beauty profile and they send you surprise products based on that profile.

I’ve gotten 3 boxes now and I’ve been blown away by the quality of the products and brands each month. There’s a great mix of skincare, makeup, and hair products (but you can adjust this in your preferences), and I find myself actually using up the products I get and incorporating them into my staples.

Disclosure: Petit Vour gifted me a Beauty Box, but this post is not sponsored. This post contains affiliate links, so I may make a small commission if you shop through my links. If you like my work and want to support me, please consider shopping through my links!

Petit Vour October Beauty Box review

Better than Birchbox? / October Petit Vour Cruelty-Free Beauty Box review

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes ($18 – sample size)

Claims: Reduces the appearance of under-eye darkness, puffiness, and fine lines

My review: 4 stars

Under-eye circles are the bane of my existence. I’ve had them since I could remember, so I’m pretty sure they are genetic and there isn’t much out there that can help me except really good concealer—but I am always willing to give a product a chance. I haven’t used this for long enough to notice any results, but the consistency is like a light cream and it sinks into the skin nicely. Taking off one star because the pump dispenses too much product and there’s no way to control that or open the container to put back the excess product. 

Kani Botanicals Prismatic Highlighter Balm ($28 – full size)

Claims: Iridescent, color-shifting pigments, all natural, organic

My review: 5 stars

OKAY, you HAVE to see this highlighter in person. I received the color Moonstone, which is an apt description. It’s a shimmery white in the jar but when swatched you can see tiny gold and pearlescent glitter that reflect both warm and cool tones. On the skin, it’s a subtle golden glow that looks slightly unnatural, but in a good way, like you’re a shimmery fairy or a fancy dessert brushed with gold leaf. Also, how cool is it that it’s all natural?

Better than Birchbox? / October Petit Vour Cruelty-Free Beauty Box review

Mai Couture Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Paper ($10)

Claims: Charcoal draws out impurities and toxins, biodegradable

My review: 5 stars

I do get quite oily throughout the day, especially on my forehead and around the hairline. In desperation, I’ve definitely been that girl who uses toilet seat covers to blot my skin…hey, it works. Anyway, I was pretty thrilled to get this product so I can stop doing that. I like that it’s made of bamboo, which is a more eco-friendly crop because it requires less pesticides to grow. These work really well and it’s kinda gross but satisfying to blot your face and then see all the oil, lol.

Formulary Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask ($8 – full size)

Claims: All natural, draws out toxins without drying the skin

My review: 5 stars

In my August box, I got the Sea Clay mask from Formulary (it’s green and this one is pink). I really liked it so I was excited to try this one, especially because it claims to be less drying and my skin has already been suffering from the colder weather. It left my skin soft and didn’t seem to dry it out. Plus, it smells great!

All in all, it was a great roundup of products in this box! I think it’s my favorite thus far and the boxes honestly keep getting better. Let me know if you try Petit Vour!

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Better than Birchbox? / October Petit Vour Cruelty-Free Beauty Box review

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