Allbirds wool runners vs. wool loungers comparison (review)

Allbirds wool runners vs. wool loungers comparison review

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve only been working in tech full-time for six months…and I’ve already succumbed to the stereotypical norm-core fashion of startup life.

Maybe I didn’t so much “succumb” as embrace my inner grandma (for god’s sake, I wear fluffy slippers at work), but in any case, I now own not one, but two pairs of Allbirds. I mean, I’m twinning with half of Seattle’s tech industry whenever I wear them, but that’s okay because they’re super cute, freakishly comfortable, and made of natural materials that are less harmful for the environment than typical sneakers.

I own the Allbirds wool runners in Tuke Dusk (top) and the wool loungers (bottom) in one of last year’s limited edition colors, grey with a pink sole. I’ve had the loungers for around nine months and just bought the runners within the past month.

See my full review of the wool loungers here.

Read on to see how they compare!

Allbirds wool runners review

Allbirds wool loungers review

Allbirds wool runners vs. wool loungers:

The loungers have been my go-to shoe whenever the weather permits (i.e. whenever it’s not dismally precipitating), so I felt that the runners would be a similarly good investment. So far, I’ve found myself still reaching for my loungers more often because I’m lazy and like that I can just slip them on, but I really like having the runners as an option.

sizing: Both fit true to size. I normally wear a US size 6 in sneakers and a 5.5 or even 5 in heels, and the wool runners fit well with plenty of wiggle room in the toe area. The loungers fit great as well, but I feel like they’re a little less roomy in the toe area. Allbirds doesn’t make half sizes so I’d say size up if you’re in between sizes, but no need to size up if they make your regular size.

comfort: Although I expected the loungers to be more comfortable, the runners definitely take the cake for me! The key difference is that the loungers have a tab at the back of the shoe that rubs against my ankle and causes irritation, while the tab on the runners is only on the outside of the shoe. Both feel like walking on clouds (although after many months of wear, my loungers are sadly no longer as cloud-like as they used to be) and are great for walking moderate to long distances.

style: Personally, I think the runners are more versatile and stylish. They’d be a great shoe to take on vacation because they’re comfortable, good for walking, and cute! The loungers are more of a running errands kind of shoe for me.

Neither of them hold up well in the rain; despite what the website says, they get soggy pretty quickly in the constant Seattle drizzle. That doesn’t seem to stop my fellow Seattleites, however, as I spot Allbirds during my commute in all kinds of weather.

Allbirds wool runners review

Allbirds wool loungers review

The conclusion? The runners and the loungers are both worth getting depending on your needs! I’m glad I have both, because I love the ease of the slip-on loungers and the versatility of the lace-up runners. In terms of comfort and style, I think the runners win—but the lazy side of me votes for the loungers, which are the closest thing to slippers I can wear outside.

Let me know if you’ve tried Allbirds and which style you like better!

And if you’ve been convinced to snag yourself a pair (or another…), get your kicks here!

Outfit details:

Look one:

Top: Everlane Square Mockneck Tee in Rose/Bone Stripe
Jeans: Weekday mom jeans
Shoes: Allbirds wool runners in Tuke Dusk

Look one was photographed by Toan Chu. Check him out if you need a photographer in the Seattle area!

Look two:

Top: DIY
Skirt: thrifted, get it new from American Apparel
Shoes: Allbirds wool loungers in Wexler Salmon (this color is no longer available)

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Allbirds wool runners vs. wool loungers comparison review

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