About Restitchstance

Restitchstance is a sustainable and ethical (life)style blog, a community and resource for the continually learning conscious consumer, and a starting place for the fast fashion consumer turned eco and ethical fashionista. No matter where you’ve come from, Restitchstance aims to make slow fashion and living exciting, accessible, and inclusive through education and inspiration.

About Cat

Hey, glad you’re here! I’m Cat, the founder and one-woman show behind Restitchstance.

I’m a lifelong writer and practitioner of slow fashion. From an early age, I learned to design and make my own clothing through knitting, crocheting, and sewing, gaining an appreciation for the connection between mind, hands, and cloth that fast fashion subtracts from the modern conscience of style. Restitchstance is the confluence of my passion for storytelling, love of fashion, and desire to create a more sustainable and ethical world.

I have an undergraduate degree in physics and – plot twist! – work in digital communications and marketing. And as a transplant from Southern California, I love-hate living in Seattle.

Keep restitching & resisting, friends.

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