5 classic, all-season pieces that will never go out of style

5 classic pieces that will never go out of style

Have you ever experienced love at first wear?

It’s that miraculous feeling when you slip something on for the first time, and you know you never want to let go of it. You can picture your future together: special occasions, nights out, even casual weekends.

That’s how I felt when I tried on this silk blouse from Frances Austen. All of a sudden, running my fingers over the ridiculously smooth fabric covering my arms, it clicked. This is the feeling I should look for every time I add something to my wardrobe.

It’s a true wardrobe staple, and it’s one that will stand the test of time and mercurial fashion trends. Keep reading for my five classic wardrobe staples that’ll never go out of style!

5 classic pieces that will never go out of style

5 classic, all-season pieces that will never go out of style:

5 classic pieces that will never go out of style

1. The silk blouse

The silk blouse or tank is the ultimate wardrobe staple. Wear it for literally any occasion, from the office to a night out to a casual lunch with friends, and in any season. Luxurious, soft, and shiny, silk will always elicit compliments and make you look totally put together. Silk will last you years if you take care of it, but it’s also biodegradable–meaning that after it’s lasted a lifetime or more of wear, it won’t stick around to damage the earth.

Where to buy: I love my Bow Back Blouse from Frances Austen, a woman-owned brand committed to making quality pieces that last. Everlane, Grana, and Reformation also have great collections of silk shirts and tanks (I’m loving this tank by Ref).

2. The graphic tee

A graphic tee is a super simple way to add a statement to a casual outfit. Recently, political statements have become “trendy,” which I hate even saying because political statements have real implications for human beings and shouldn’t be reduced to fashion trends that come and go. Fast fashion companies have hopped on the bandwagon to sell “feminist” T-shirts produced using exploitative labor practices…which is a horrifically un-feminist thing to do since the majority of garment workers are women of color. However, wearing a political graphic tee can definitely be empowering when you buy from an ethical brand or indie designer!

Where to buy: To support a cause like feminism in both words and actions, make sure you buy from ethical, fair-trade, and sustainable brands. Check out My Sister, an ethical brand that donates proceeds to fight sex trafficking! Aimee Song, a.k.a. Song of Style, also has an ethical fashion line with graphic tees and sweatshirts (I’ve been seeing her use her platform to talk about political issues and I am SO here for it!). I’ve also been crushing on this tee by Realm, an indie brand that makes quirky feminist designs on ethically made shirts. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the thrift store is a great place to snap up some vintage graphic tees!

3. Your favorite jeans

Denim will never go out of style, and looks good with everything! Different cuts of denim, like flared, skinny, or straight, will come and go, but the trick is to find the style that flatters your body and makes you feel comfortable and confident. My go-to styles are currently high-waisted jeans and cropped kick flares, which look great on my petite self.

Where to buy: Making denim is a pretty toxic process, so make sure to buy from brands that make their denim sustainably. I’ve heard great things about Everlane’s denim (and have totally been eyeing their boyfriend jeans) and have also been lusting after Reformation‘s wide leg jeans. ABLE makes fair trade denim and is dedicated to empowering female artisans, but it’s unclear if they try to minimize their environmental impact.

4. Florals, on anything

As a trend, floral prints always resurface. The simple trick to make florals work for any season is to wear them in neutral or darker shades. If florals aren’t really your thing, animal print, polka dots, and some variation of stripes are also always in style.

Where to buy: My favorite floral pieces have been from the thrift store! For ultra-feminine florals, try Reformation or Christy Dawn.

5. Statement earrings

Statement earrings are my favorite way to dress up an outfit. I like pieces with abstract or geometric elements, and of course, metals like gold, silver, and brass never go out of style. If you’re not a “statement jewelry” kind of person, investing in high-quality everyday jewelry like small studs and simple necklaces and rings is a great way to add timeless pieces to your wardrobe.

Where to buy: Check out brands that use recycled materials and reclaimed metals, because mining is horrible for the environment and workers! My go-to earrings, made from upcycled brass, are from Nisolo. I’ve also been loving the tortoise hoop earrings I’m wearing in these photos from Machete, a brand that uses biodegradable cellulose acetate. For everyday jewelry that you never have to take off, check out Automic Gold‘s 14k reclaimed gold jewelry (a LGBTQ-owned brand!). Stay tuned for a roundup of my favorite ecofriendly indie jewelry brands!

What are your wardrobe staples? Let me know!

Outfit details:

Blouse: Frances Austen Bow Back Blouse in Cosmos (gifted)
Culottes: bought in my fast fashion days at Zara* (similar from Everlane, another similar from Everlane)
Shoes: M.gemi (I think these are sold out now because I bought them during the winter sale…but here’s my referral link for a $50 off discount)
Earrings: Machete Frances earrings in Ash Blonde Tortoise

Crossbody bag: Kate Spade*

Disclosure: I was gifted product by Frances Austen in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you make a purchase through my links. No amount of money or product is worth more than my relationship with you, and I strive to provide transparent and honest content.

*not a sustainable and/or ethical brand


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