2 easy ways to save your skin (and the environment!)

Earth Day is this Saturday! While I always kind of thought it was a bogus holiday as a kid (there is no candy involved), sustainability has become so much more important to me as I’ve learned how low income communities of color are the ones most affected by environmental disasters, climate change, and pollution.

“Saving the environment” is not a one-person job, but there are some things we can do in our daily lives that reduce environmental impact and at the very least, make us feel less shitty. Here are some simple changes I’ve recently incorporated into my skincare routine, which not only reduce waste but are also good for my skin:

  • Ditch the makeup wipes. They are so convenient and easy, I know! Sadly, they contain harsh preservatives and alcohols which prevent the growth of bacteria, but dry out and age your skin. Plus, they contribute to landfill waste. I’ve switched to a creamy makeup remover that gently removes dirt and makeup while leaving my skin soft and moisturized, only using wipes for convenience when I travel. Oil-based cleansers are also a great option.
  • And the cotton rounds/balls. Another “essential” I thought I needed, especially after I ditched the makeup wipes. I had been using cotton rounds to remove makeup and to apply toner, but recently read that, like cotton tampons and pads, they contain harmful pesticides…ew. These harsh pesticides basically undo the work of your fancy, expensive skincare products! Instead, I’ve been massaging my makeup remover onto my face before I step into the shower at night, and rinsing off with water before using my cleanser. This method results in less tugging on my skin as I remove my makeup, since rinsing is gentler than using a cotton round to rub off the makeup. I’ve also been applying toner with my fingers, and the guilt I used to feel as I threw away another toner-soaked cotton round into the trash has disappeared.

Share these tips to spread the sustainble skincare love! And let me know if you have any other sustainable skincare tips—I’m always learning.

And happy early Earth Day!



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